Saturday, April 21, 2007

(link: after link: after link:) MoOM; The Museum of Online Museums

Holey Jumpin' Crabcakes On A Crutch! This is cool!

It's The Museum of Online Museums, and I'm quite certain I could spend days following their myriad links to diverse and fascinating gallery websites waiting for me out there in the aether.

Especially considering the 'overflow' of listings on the museum's ANNEX page.

The twists and turns of googling for information is of course something that so many of us deal with every day. Sometimes you're led to exactly the thing you want, other times it's just not there, and so often you can be led astray by something off-topic that unexpectedly catches your eye.

Such was the case here. I was hoping to find a graphic design gallery dealing with cigarette packaging (long story). Found a few that were close to what I wanted, but not quite.

I DID find this curious thing - - Candy Cigarettes: The Big Candy Smokin' Thumb Page...

...anyway, then I happily stumbled onto this 'MoOM' page. Their 'Museum Campus' and 'Permanent Collection' listings contain some great 'respectable' links to real brick-and-mortar museums around the world, graphic design sites and more. For example, it reconnected me to a fabulous mid-century advertising design site I used to visit...

- Plan 59: The Retro Graphics Archive

...also, forget about my own piddly galleries of vintage paperback covers, check THIS out:

- Vintage Pulp Paperback Covers

...And the museum's listings just get more wild, wooly and wonderful as you navigate into the 'Galleries, Exhibitions and Shows' section, and then into the Terra Incognita of that ANNEX page.

I should just point you on your way and be done with it, but I feel the need to list just a TINY SAMPLE of the things I found...

- Roadside and Outsider Art
- Pre-and-Post War American Advertising Galleries
- The Virtual Absinthe Museum
- The Airline Bag Lounge
- Der Virtuelle Lederhosenmuseum
- Airline Spoons of the World (973 photos!!)
- Museum of Batman Onomatopoeia
- Vintage Hi-Fi Brochure Gallery
- Whistling Records Collection
- Nebraska Payphones Gallery
- The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum
- Car brochure covers
- Paper Money Gallery
- Collection of 78rpm record labels 1900-1960
- The BBC Test Card and Tuning Signal Gallery
- The Logos on the Sides of Vintage VW Microbusses Gallery
- The Stewardess Uniform Gallery
- Vintage Condom Package Design Gallery
- Collection of Radio Spots for Exploitation Movies
- Directory of Old Telephone Book Covers
- Vogue Picture Records 1946-47
- Stock Certificates Museum
- All about Tiki Mugs
- The Casino Carpet Gallery
- Vintage Wallpaper Gallery
- Fire Hydrants
- A few thousand science fiction covers
- Rolling Papers Collected
- The Moist-Towelette Museum
- The Chopsticks Wrapper Gallery
- Discount Stores of the '60s Gallery
- German Travel Brochure and Related Materials Gallery
- Transportation Futuristics
- Electricity Pylons Around The World
- Maritime Timetable Images
- The Candy Wrapper Museum
- The American Package Museum
- The International Central Services Toaster Museum
- Foreign Groceries Museum
- 1940's Czechoslovakian matchbox covers with a child safety theme
- Gallery of Vintage Saxophone Ads
- Roadside Advertisements
- Gallery of Gas Station Signs
- British Beer label Collection
- Drug products from the preprohibition era
- Vintage 45 r.p.m. record labels
- The International Gallery of Beer Coasters
- Cold War Era Civil Defense Art Gallery
- The Gallery of Girls Posing With Mandolins

So enjoy yourself, it's been nice knowing you. You might leave a trail of breadcrumbs...

Link to: The Museum of Online Museums

- - and also link to: the museum's ANNEX.

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Craig D said...

WOW! What a pile of great links!

Thanks, especially for the one to THE AMERICAN PACKAGE MUSEUM. The curator is a friend of mine who I had lost track of nearly 20 years ago. Thanks to this link, we've reconnected via email!

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