Saturday, April 28, 2007

Should-Have-Been FOUND submissions

I love FOUND Magazine. It's a great compendium for important cultural artifacts with continuing appeal.

Over the years I've gathered a few such artifacts myself, the ones pictured below being the 'A-List'. I'd been planning to submit them to FOUND, but have been amazed by how long I've procrastinated and not done so. I've come awfully close a few times, but no - - and it's been at least 2 - 3 years now. Shocking.

I've just decided that it must have been a subconcious choice; Obviously I've been waiting until I'd put together an appropriate place of my own in which to display them. Sure. That's probably it. Certainly not mere laziness...

I found all the following items in Mill Valley, California, where I used to live, between 1984 and 2004. All four were found lying on the ground (or floor).

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Last Time, circa 2002

Uh Uh No Way Baby, found on 9/24/1984 near the cash register at Village Music (where I worked at the time). PLEASE NOTE the delicate and decorative notations in the top and bottom margins; 'Run DMC', 'Morris D. Day', and 'Prince The Revolution'.

Double Wrap It, circa April 2004.
20 years later, but nearly the same message as the previous artifact. Please note again, the decorative yellow highliter embellishment. The author chose to compose this on the other side of a school election schedule, dated 4/5/2004. Notations next to candidate's names indicate that the author might be named Alana.

And A Dog Died Including Myself, circa 2003.

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With the exception of 'Last Time' up at the top, what strikes me about each of these objects is that it makes perfect sense for them to be found discarded on the ground, rather than in the trash. I picture each of the recipients emphatically casting away the notes immediately upon recognition of its contents, and then leaving the scene to distance themselves from the event.

Now go check out FOUND Magazine.

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Lady J said...

Those notes are awesome. You go girl! Nice to see you joined the blogosphere, In Crowd!

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