Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Un poco más Romero está aquí: Cesar Romero reads to children in Spanish

ONCE upon a time, a week ago, I posted an item featuring Cesar Romero.

Not content to just let it go at that, I've dug into my record library to pull out these old thrift store finds.

On the first record, Señor Romero reads 'The Three Bears' in spanish to a group of english-speaking children to assist in their language lessons. On the second, he reads 'Little Red Riding Hood'.
He reads books from translator Hanna Hutchinson's series of familiar stories designed to help kids learn new languages.

If these books came out in 1962, I'll assume for now that the tie-in records appeared around the same time.

Side Two of each record has Cesar reading the story again with the children parroting each line back to him.
It has its educational value, to be sure, and its comedic value, as often the kid's pronunciation falls short.
But mostly the 'drill' factor gets a bit tedious for the casual listener, so I haven't included those recordings.

Sorry, and you're welcome.

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Also pictured in the cover photograph above is cartoonist Ed Nofziger, illustrator of the books and these record jackets.

For some additional info on Nofziger, try here.

- - and speaking of Cesar Romero and storytelling, from Mark Evanier's POV Online, here's a link to his Cesar Romero story.

Listen to: Cesar Romero - Los Tres Osos (click for audio)

Listen to: Cesar Romero - Caperucita Roja (click for audio)

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