Friday, June 15, 2007

Tuscadero - Nancy Drew

This song from 1994 has been playing in my head lately, every time I see an ad for that new attempt at a Nancy Drew movie.

Boys didn't read the Nancy Drew books, but I can certainly relate to the trauma of childhood keepsakes being tossed out. I refer to them as 'the purges'.

Tuscadero was a fun, punky-pop band out of Washington D.C.

This version of 'Nancy Drew' is from their first 45, released on the Teen Beat label.

It was "recorded at WGNS studios in lovely Arlington, VA, in March 1994."

There was a different version of the song released on their first CD, 'The Pink Album', later that same year.

The band's lineup:

Margaret McCartney - vocals, guitar
Melissa Farris - vocals, guitar
Phil Satlof - bass
Jack Hornady - drums

Listen to: Tuscadero - Nancy Drew (click for audio)


Anonymous said...

Just found your post about Tuscadero and I'm glad that the song is still available :) I have both the album and the 7", and I think the 7" version of Nancy Drew is far better.

Anonymous said...

OMG Thanks so much for posting this song, I had it on a mix tape but the tape died. -danny

Ben said...

my best friend bought this 45 when it came out, we just kept listening to it and flipping it over, totally addicted to both songs. i think "Nancy Drew" has held up better than "Mt Pleasant", it's more Motown than Breeders.

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