Tuesday, August 14, 2007

78s fRom HeaVen: Pappy 'Gube' Beaver - Automobile Of Life (1947)

Country/Spiritual performer Pappy 'Gube' Beaver was born Parlin Kenneth Beaver on March 7, 1919 in Newport, Tennessee.

Details on his musical career are a bit sketchy.
He performed for several years on radio, and was signed to a recording contract with Capitol Records on
April 25, 1947.

The professional relationship was apparently cut short after only a handful of sessions due to Beaver's drinking problem.

At some point in these events he was 'saved in a jail house cell' and found religion. He quit the music business and began a career as a preacher.

His Grandson has begun work on a website tribute to him: Click here for some archived recordings.

- - And click here for another Beaver Family homepage.

According to Pappy's Grandson, as of this writing - - "He is still alive and well and plays guitar, harmonica, and sings better than ever at 88 years young. He plays at his church where he is a pastor in east Tennessee."

Listen to:
Pappy 'Gube' Beaver - Automobile Of Life
(click for audio)

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Marilyn Beaver Bennett said...

I'm Pappy's daughter and he is still living at the age of 94 and is still on the radio Live every Saturday morning for an hour and as I write, has his church. He had a serious car accident Sept. 13th 2011 broke his back and crushed bones in his left foot, God brought him through a rough time and he's very active today!!!He's singing and preaching for the Lord!!!

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