Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Julie Newmar returns to stupefy once more, from Swank Magazine, 1957

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A couple of months back I posted scans of a similar vintage magazine piece celebrating Julie Newmar in the role of Stupefyin' Jones.

(Click here to see that post again, with all its pertinent links to some of Ms. Newmar's stage and screen appearances, etc.)

I recently found this 2-page piece in a February, 1957 issue of Swank Magazine.

The difference between the two articles:
This one plugs her appearance in the stage musical version adapting Al Capp's 'L'il Abner' comic strip, then currently running on Broadway.

The other article dates from 1961, and catches up with Julie following her reprise of the same part in the 1959 film version.
(Her brief but insanely memorable stint as Catwoman on TV's 'Batman' show began in 1966.)

The '57 Swank article states her age as 19. If her various online biographies are accurate, she was in fact about 23 years old at the time.

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