Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Max Waldman 'Marat/Sade' photos, circa 1966

Photographer Max Waldman (1919 - 1981) forsook commercial work in the mid-1960's, and began shooting 'only what he wanted'.

His eye for capturing stage and dance performers was phenomenal, and his passions leaned toward the avant-garde.

These photos are of some cast members from The Royal Shakespeare Company's 1966 production of 'Marat/Sade', in their 'play-within-a-play' roles as insane asylum inmates.

(Clockwise, from top: Robert Lloyd, Tamara Fuerst, John Steiner, Morgan Sheppard, Sheila Grant)

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I found these photos in a 1969 Waldman bio piece that ran in Life magazine.
They were shot in his tiny Manhattan studio, where he managed to contol light, texture, and mood to great effect. (Better than what my scans can convey, sadly)

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