Thursday, August 9, 2007

A quick hit of The Stairs - Mexican R'n'B (1992)

In my own experience, here in the US it seemed this album was a little-known gem, that languished (criminally) in too many bargain bins for too many years. If Americans were paying much notice of it, I never heard about it.

Clearly, during their brief existence as a band, The Stairs garnered some appropriate attention in their native UK.

I LOVED this album when it came out. I guess some people thought their retro-psyche-garage sound was tongue-in-cheek, or ripping off too many 1960's bands. I just thought it rocked, and that it was spot on and too much fun.

I heard about the CD from a friend who saw a cheap cut-out and thought it looked interesting. I then found my copy in one of the monstrous & unkempt 'buy 3 get 4th one free' bargain bins at Amoeba in Berkeley.

Other than a couple of other singles and EPs, this was their only release. The US version of the CD was shorter than the UK's - - 14 tracks as opposed to 19.

Over the years and after their mid-'90's break-up, as I began to discover that The Stairs and the one album were receiving proper acknowledgement at home, the stories started to surface that there was an unreleased second album out there somewhere.

Looks like it's possible that folks haven't forgotten about that. I see that last year there was a new 'odds & sods' CD of Stairs material, 'Right In The Back Of Your Mind’, released on the Liverpool-based Viper label.

It's made up of all previously unreleased demos and alternate takes of stuff from the first album and that 'mythical' second album. Perhaps there'll be a proper release someday, as former 'Stair' Edgar 'Jones' Jones gains increasing popularity with his subsequent solo CDs.

From The Stairs - 'Mexican R'n'B' (Go!/London Records, 1992),
Listen to:

Mary Joanna
Mr. Window Pane
Flying Machine
When It All Goes Wrong
Take No Notice Of The World Outside

(click for audio)

As of this writing, you can download the 'Mexican R'n'B' album here, at Rock and Roll Another One. The blog may be defunct, but the link is working. (for now)

- - AND it's the full 19-track UK edition of the album, too...


Anonymous said...

I love The Stairs, It's nice to know that someone else has heard of them. I had no idea of any other albums by them other than Mexican R&B, I have a promo cassette of that album.

rich said...

I'd not heard this in over a decade :O

Thanks for digging this up, its bringing back some great memories :)

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