Friday, August 10, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 08/10/07

A particularly link-laden venture this week...

1. Perhaps the only upside to the recent loss of film director Ingmar Bergman has been the upswing in attention focused on his films.

I've been thrilled to discover that includes the best parody of his work, the 1968 Oscar-nominated short film, 'De Düva' (The Dove).

A brilliant 14-minute spoof, that doesn't require intimate knowledge of Bergman's films to enjoy. Starring and co-directed by George Coe, it's often foot-noted for a brief appearance by a young Madeline Kahn in one of her earliest film roles.

Coe would later show up on The National Lampoon Radio Hour and some of their LP's, and was *very* briefly one of the original 'Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players' in the earliest days of SNL.

I guess the last time I'd looked online to investigate 'De Düva''s availability was a couple of years back, with poor results. It remains difficult to find easily on DVD.

Yesterday, while poking around Bibi's Box, there it was!

Now the entire film is available for viewing online at several locations, and I'm so happy to have been able to enjoy it again, and direct you to it as well!

Your easiest options are to click over to Videos with Bibi, the super-cool vlog attached to Bibi's Box, or you can also see the film at Google Video.

2. 'The Sexy Side of PEZ' - - ?!?!

That's just effing krazy.

But sure enough, that's how it went for decades in European ads...

I see that the sexy PEZ link has been making the rounds online.

I first found it at the always eye-catching Otomano.
It fit in very well there.

3. Like a wish come true, it's Burt Ward: "The Boy Wonder Recording sessions", over at Children's Records & More.

Click over there NOW and check it out! (while you can)

"In November 1966, at the height of Batmania,
Burt "Robin" Ward recorded and released a single for MGM Records called 'Boy Wonder I Love You.'

"It features Burt reading 'fan letters' over the musical backing of...The Mothers of Invention!
Yes, that's right. Frank Zappa even wrote and arranged the song, as well as conducting what would come to be known as The Boy Wonder Sessions.

"The great Tom Wilson (Dylan's 'Bringing It All Back Home') was the producer.
The single has become quite a collector's item for both Batman and Zappa collectors.

"In recent years, the rest of the sessions have surfaced, giving us demos, an unreleased second single, and Zappa's instrumental backing tracks for proposed but unfinished songs with Burt.
Here are the sessions, kicking off with the single."

(Via PCL LinkDump.)

SEE ALSO: Session details and more at a Zappa discography site. Included is an excerpt from Burt Ward's sordid, tell-all autobiography, 'Boy Wonder, My Life In Tights' (Martin Keating Publishing, 1995) relating his memories of the recording.

4. 'Stairways to Heaven, Stairways to Hell' at WFMU's Beware OF The Blog.

101 different cover versions of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' available for your listening pleasure! One-hundred-and-one!!

The archive was at least partially instigated by the Australian 'Stairways to Heaven' compilation CD that came out in the very early '90's.

'The Money or the Gun' was a comedic talk-show that would include a different band performing the song every week in a different style.

It was a fun album. Rolf Harris' unlikely version (complete with 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport' wobble board) became a charting hit in Australia.

From that album, I'm also particulary fond of The Beatnix's Beatle-sound-alike version, Toys Went Berserk sounding like Siouxsie and The Banshees, and the Australian Doors Show's faithful channeling of Jim Morrison.

5. At Mike Lynch Cartoons you can check out a world that might have been:
'I Almost Drew Nancy' by Ivan Brunetti.

Mike has faithfully scanned in an old 1999 article from Roctober magazine, in which comics artist Brunetti details his 1994 efforts to pick up the reins when an opening appeared for a new creator to take over the classic Ernie Bushmiller comic strip.

Best of all, the article contains a few dozen examples of Brunetti's proposed strips!

(Via Boing Boing.)

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