Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A sampling from: Lawsuit - Kind Of Brown (1991)

Lawsuit were an 11-piece band from Davis, California.
They made great music together from 1987 until their break-up in 1996.

The band's eclectic sound was hard for record companies to pigeonhole, so they never found a deal with a record label.

On this album, they sounded something like a happy amalgam of They Might Be Giants and Brave Combo, mixed with a lot of 3rd-Wave Ska and Lounge/Swing Revival (though that revival was still a few years away).

With so many members in the band, it was difficult to mount any sort of major tour, so they performed mostly at venues up and down the California coast.

During their time together they released a couple of albums, an EP, and produced an audio 'zine called 'Preoccupied Pipers' that featured some of their otherwise unreleased recordings.

Band members on this album were:
Joel Lee, Ned Sykes, Michael Ishizue, Paul Sykes, Joe Hayes, Steve Erickson, Anthony Costello, Marta Wilson, Jeri Sykes, Dave Anderson, and John Kessler.

Most of the information about Lawsuit that existed online has disappeared in recent years.

Thanks go to Oakling for his her posted memories of the band. (click on link)

There was a spin-off band, Broken Thing, following the departure of Lawsuit. Members of both bands are currently performing as Preoccupied Pipers.

There's a website for Preoccupied Pipers, but as of this writing it's looking a bit sketchy. (Waxing or waning, or...?)
As I navigated around the site I was able to find some functioning audio links, and others that didn't work. Good luck.

Beverly Sykes, mother of three of the Lawsuit band members, has a website where you can find some bits of pieces of info and some photos of the band. She's also posted some tribute pages to her son Paul Sykes, Lawsuit's lead singer, who died far too young in 1999.

From Lawsuit's 'Kind Of Brown',
(Lawsuit Records, 1991), Listen to:

The Thunder Button
Boxes Y Boxes
Oh Boy
Don't Go To London (It's Under Construction)
Special City
The Velma Papers

(click for audio)

- - OR download all 7 tracks in one 19.0 Mb zipfile.


oakling said...

It's she, actually!
I love the link back tho - I came across this today as the first result in a desperate googling for "lawsuit 'kind of brown'". I KNEW that the internet had nothing for me, that I'd just find the same old websites from Back In The Day and would have to try to track down someone who could burn Lawsuit CDs for me because I can't find them anywhere else and blah blah blah and Don't Go To London was stuck in my head and I was desperate to listen to it - and then there you were!!! Sharing your music with me! And then linking back to me in a hilarious Escher-like manner! Thank you!

Now I'm going to go post about this on livejournal, continuing the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Feeling nostalgic... surfing the internet to see what's out there. This was a nice surprise.

If anyone is looking for anything Lawsuit, I'm your guy. Feel free to ask. I'll do what I can.

Peace, love, and all that mother Jazz...


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