Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So Long, Lee Hazlewood: 1929 - 2007

I *just* got the word a few moments ago that Lee Hazlewood passed away this past Saturday the 4th, at age 78. It makes me sad.

He'd been living with cancer since 2005, was philosophical and open about his coming death, produced a final album, and saw its success.

A pretty good passing, or nearly as good as it gets when cancer is involved. We get to remember him, and celebrate his life and music, but it still makes me sad.

Some links:

- Here's a Lee Hazlewood fansite.

- A nice tribute and obituary, over at New York Night Train.

- A reprint of a January, '07 'requiem' from the New York Times, on his career and mortality.

- - and here (below) is Lee performing 'After Six' with Donnie Owens in 1968, in a YouTube clip from one of his Swedish TV specials.

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Percy Trout said...

I love Lee Hazelwood. I have most of his albums... which I play on my radio show quite a bit.

He'll be missed.

He was quite unique.


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