Monday, September 3, 2007

In Crowd of the month: Hullabaloo Orchestra (1965)

An instrumental version this month.

There are many cover versions of this song that try to out-do other versions in one way or another; groovier, heavier, funkier, peppier, noisier, etcetera - -

- - and there are versions that rely on a unique instrumentation - - banjo, harmonica, harpsichord, zither, etc, etc.

This version is the only one I've found that goes for a slow and languid arrangement.

Slinky. Almost sleepy.
It's a standout...

'Hullabaloo' was NBC's answer to ABC's 'Shindig' TV show.
Both were pop & rock musical variety shows airing in prime time.

Amid the gyrations of the 'Hullabaloo' dancers and 'pop-art' studio sets, the show would feature a changing roster of popular recording artists, as hosted by a different celebrity each week.

It ran for two seasons in 1965 and '66. (When 'Hullabaloo was canceled, it was replaced by 'The Monkees'. 'Shindig' would be replaced by 'Batman' the same year.)

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- The IMDb entry for 'Hullabaloo'.

- A Hullabaloo episode guide at TV.Com, listing all the hosts and musical performances for both seasons.

Prior to his stint with 'Hullabaloo', Conductor / Arranger Peter Matz was probably best known for his work with Barbra Streisand on her records and TV specials.

A few years following the departure of 'Hullabaloo', he further distinguished himself as the musical conductor on Carol Burnett's popular sketch/variety show.

See also: An obituary/bio for Peter Matz from 2002.

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From the LP 'The Hullabaloo Show' (Columbia Records, 1965),
listen to: The Hullabaloo Orchestra, Arranged and Conducted by Peter Matz - The "In" Crowd
(click for audio)

ADDENDUM, 11/17/07: To hear the rest of this LP, to watch some Hullabaloo video clips, etc, click over to the posting at Heino und Jerry im Über Space !!

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Toni Basil of 1981 "Mickey" fame was a regular on Hulabaloo. I believe its her in the picture standing between the two O's.

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