Friday, September 7, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 09/07/07

1. Rain. Even just a little bit.

Here's where I bitch and gripe, but make it sound like I'm happy about something.
Well, actually, yeah - - I was thankful for the rain we got the other day.
Suddenly it's acting like Fall, and the heat is beginning to wane, and we're beginning to get the occasional afternoon high-desert storm.

You see them rolling in from the distance, it gets darker, it blows and dumps and thunders for about 40 minutes at best, and then moves on so the sun can come back out. S'freaky.

The rain and wind the other day meant that for part of the day I had the luxury of driving with windows open and no A/C. No hot, stale air blowing in, no dust, no incessant smoke from distant wildfires. By late afternoon, the weather had cleared up and new smoke had moved in. Windows up.

I miss rain. (I miss proper weather)

2. The Bob Dylan Message Generator.

Set up to promote a new Dylan's Greatest Hits CD set.
(So perhaps it won't be around long?)

Ever-so slightly creepy and wrong-headed, I suppose, (like Chaplin's ghost forced to sell Hershey bars in awful TV ads) but dang if Bob doesn't make a good shill or messenger!

(via The Generator Blog)

3. Speaking of Bob, a few upcoming DVD releases I'm eyeing and/or otherwise anticipating, all due to appear late in October or November:

- 'The Other Side of the Mirror' DVD is 'the first release ever of Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965 and contains over 80 minutes of unreleased performances.'

- Flintstones, Season 6 (final season)

- Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5

- Popeye the Sailor Vol. 2, 1938-1943 (That was quick! Hurray!)

- PowerPuff Girls, Season 2

- Futurama the Movie - Bender's Big Score (All-new!!)

4. Here's a stack of some more fun blogs and sites that have come into view in recent days and weeks, mostly because several of them have been kind enough to link to an item I've posted here. (Thanks!)

More cool sights and info to absorb!!

Don't we all need more distractions?!?

There's some pop culture-y stuff, plenty of cool photos, and the occasional music blog...

... Check 'em out!

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5. Okay, so it's certainly nothing new, but this website / database for the
'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' game is pretty fascinating.

If I was wasn't so golly gosh-darn edumafied about how the intra-net and the home computating machinery can glom onto such pieces of information faster than
Billy-Be-Durned, I'd declare it all as voodoo.

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