Wednesday, October 17, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Garry Moore - Culture Corner (1946) (Expanded re-post)

(Almost seven months ago, I posted 'Ode To A Cow' from this album as one of my very first entries while I was setting up this blog. I've had a few requests since then to post more cuts from it. Here's the whole shebang, often with an excess of surface noise intact. Enjoy!)

Prior to many years as a genial host of game shows, talk shows, and variety shows on TV, Garry Moore was announcer, sidekick, and straightman to Jimmy Durante on his radio show.

One of his featured bits as 'Durante's Boy' was
'Culture Corner'. This album collects some of those 'original monologues with music'.
(Please try to disregard what looks suspiciously like old bloodstains on the weathered album cover.)

From Garry Moore's 'Culture Corner' 78 album set, (Decca Records, 1946)
Listen to:

Song Satire
Elsie, The Glow Worm
Rondelay For a Rabbit
Ode To A Cow
Little Red Riding-Hood
Hugh, The Blue Gnu

(click for audio, and good luck with the sound quality on a few of these)

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Craig D said...

Burgess Meredith was "forced" to read "Hugh The Blu Gnu" as a stunt on Garry's "I've Got A Secret" show.

Burgess did not seem happy about it.

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