Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Headful of Holger

I really can't say why I woke up in the morning thinking about German prog musician Holger Czukay and 'hearing' his music in my head.

It was not unpleasant in the least, it was just - - unusual.

Sure, I have a few of his old, now (criminally) out-of-print LP's from way back when.
I love them, but I can't say I'm a fanatic.

Actually, I guess I sort of got on the Holger track
bass-ackwards, only discovering Can's music well after being familiar with some of Czukay's post-Can records.

Anyway, I don't know what was happening in my sleeping subconcious that I should awaken in mid-Holger fixation.

I just know I've been carrying it around for a few days, and it seems that pulling out the old albums and pinning some of my favorite tracks here for a bit might be a good way to move the process along.

Hope you enjoy. I know I've enjoyed hearing them again...

From the 'Movies' LP,
(EMI Records, 1979)
Listen to:
Cool In the Pool
Persian Love

From the 'On the Way to the Peak of Normal' LP,
(EMI Records, 1981)
Listen to:
On the Way to the Peak of Normal
Witches' Multiplication Table
Two Bass Shuffle
Hiss 'N' Listen

(click for audio)

See also: Holger's official website


Doug said...

I was introduced to him by the song "Traum Mal Wieder" off of an Ambient compilation album. I love that song. I'll give those files a listen. Thanks for sharing.

Brent said...

I'm crazy about Persian Love, thank you. My cousin turned me on to it via a compilation called Music And Rhythm back in the mid 80's. Saw your laxative ad on Boing Boing today.

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