Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joe Jackson's stance against music videos, 1984

Joe Jackson wrote this opinion piece a couple of years after the release of his hugely successful
'Night and Day' album. The article ran in the 6/16/1984 issue of Billboard magazine.

The promotional music video holds a somewhat different status these days, but has much else really changed?

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Here's a small stack of links to Joe Jackson video clips that can be found at YouTube and such.
Contrasting the live footage with the MTV-style music videos, Joe's position seems understandable...

Sunday Papers (live, 1979)
It's Different For Girls (promo video, circa 1979)
Friday (live, 1980)
Breaking Us in Two (promo video, 1982)
Real Men (promo video, 1982)
Steppin' Out (promo video, 1982)
Right and Wrong (live, circa 1986)

- - But wait! What's this?!? A change of heart, Joe?

Nineteen Forever (promo video, 1989)

That's okay, live and learn, I guess...

Awkward Age (live, circa 2003)

Gad, he's good. I'd love to see him in concert again.

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