Friday, October 12, 2007

Ninì Rosso - The Clown (1964)

Trumpeter Ninì Rosso
(1926 - 1994) first found fame in his native Italy with his 1961 recording of 'La Ballata Della Tromba', but that success was eclipsed by his biggest hit,
'Il Silenzio' in 1964.

The sentimental tune took its foundation from the military 'Taps' ('Day is Done') melody, and became a huge seller throughout Europe and in Japan.

I'm focusing here on the B-side of the 45, (specifically, a German pressing) the quite fashionably Fellini-esque 'Il Clown', which conjures up flashbacks of
'La Strada'.

Rosso's popularity continued through the 1960's.
He supplied music for Italian TV and film, in addition to making several appearances (mostly musical) in Italian movies.

Listen to: Ninì Rosso - The Clown
Hansa label 45 (1964)

(click for audio)

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