Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch? (1967 print ad)

So when did Hawaiian Punch take the steroids out of their recipe?

This swingin' sixties ad looks a little like Jay Ward meets Laugh-In to me.

The muscleman definitely puts me in mind of the old Tom Slick cartoons.

'Punchy' first began pitching for Hawaiian Punch in February 1962.

The mascot was created a few months earlier for the Atherton-Privett advertising agency by artist Martin Mandelblatt, but for several decades following, most of the cartoon versions we saw of him were by animator Jan Svochak, working for J.J. Sedelmaier Productions.
(Thanks to Cartoon Brew.)

I remember getting punched in the gut a few times in grammar school as a result of those ads. Impressionable kids...


ally. said...

my word that's gross - remind me never to drink hawaiian punch

Percy Trout said...

I preferred whatever the green elixir was made by Hi-C.

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