Wednesday, January 2, 2008

In Crowd of the month: The Steampacket (1965)

The Steampacket were a brief footnote in the early career histories of several influential British musicians who went on to bigger and better things.

Singer Long John Baldry formed a version of the group in the early 1960's as a sort of soul R&B revue, with vocalists rotating from
back-up to lead during a set, according to their strengths.

By 1965 the group consisted of:

Long John Baldry - vocals
Rod Stewart - vocals
Julie Driscoll - vocals
Brian Auger - organ
Vic Briggs - guitar
Richard Brown - bass guitar
Micky Waller - drums

There wasn't much for any of those vocalists to do during this instrumental recording, I suppose...

Listen to: The Steampacket (featuring Brian Auger) - The In-Crowd (click for audio)

One highlight of The Steampacket's brief tenure was touring in 1965 as an opening act for the
Rolling Stones. They broke up the following year.

Due to contractual obligations with different managers and different record labels, the group never recorded any official releases, just a handful of rehearsals and demos that were later issued when
Rod Stewart was approaching the height of his fame.

See also - - A video clip at YouTube featuring Long John Baldry's vocals and billed as 'Brian Auger's Trinity'; The Steampacket performs 'Lord Remember Me' live at the Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival in 1965. It was shown in the US on the show 'Shindig Goes to London'.

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Radmila said...

I had the experience of meeting Long John back in the 80's when I was waitressing at a club in Uptown Toronto.

He was quite the diva with his demand of 3 bottles of silent sam vodka, and a strict rule of no one allowed in his "dressing room". The peter pan leotard was also quite disconcerting on a man on over 6 feet as well.

He was pretty eccentric.

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