Tuesday, January 1, 2008

(link:) Jack Davis' 'Yak Yak' comics (1961)

I was all set to start scanning and posting this cool old Dell Four-Color comic book for you, one with art and stories by Jack Davis.

- - But the pleasant discovery that someone else had already beaten me to it fit in even better with my agenda on this lazy New Year's day.

Please follow the link to Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine.

Pappy has just about the whole issue available there for your reading pleasure!

Illustrator and comics artist Jack Davis had continued working for MAD comics (and eventually MAD Magazine) after most of the other EC titles had folded in 1955.

'Yak Yak' was apparently an experiment by Dell Comics to test the waters for a humor magazine, as many other publishers were doing at the time with their own knock-offs of the MAD formula.
It appeared around the same time in Davis' career that his artwork had started showing up in film posters and record jackets, in advertising and on the covers of more 'grown-up' magazines...

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Anonymous said...

I always loved his illustrations of deranged or creepy characters

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