Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Plastics - Copy b/w Robot (1979)

The Plastics weren't around very long as a band.
Officially it was just 1979 - '81, though they'd been making noises prior to that.

Upbeat in sound if not lyrically, and properly new wave with all the right arty credentials - - their spare proto-electronica staccato often found them tagged as 'the Japanese B-52s'.
Being just plain 'fun' helped push the comparison along, too.

The Plastics:
Chica Sato--vocal
Toshio Nakanishi--vocal, guitar
Hajime Tachibana--guitars
Masahide Sakuma--electronics
Takemi Shima--rhythm box

The two tracks shared here are from their first 45, and sound much more raw and stripped-down than the re-recorded versions of these songs that were on the first Plastics LP. ➔

Listen to:
The Plastics - Copy
(Rough Trade 45, 1979)
(click for audio)

Listen to:
The Plastics - Robot
(Rough Trade 45, 1979)
(click for audio)

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Adam Infanticide said...

I've never heard any plastics except for the LP (which is a long time favorite)

thanks for brightening my day!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Plastics play the Mabuhay Gardens in S.F. in about 79 or 80. Their space outfits glowed under black lights and they were incredible. Thanks for posting this!


john said...

I remember seeing them on SCTV. Fun for everyone....

Anonymous said...

Me too, I saw them on SCTV doing that very song. I think that's the last I ever heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing! Contrary to what I thought for years, these versions are not the same as the ones in "Welcome Plastics" LP... Arigato!


Fernando :)

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