Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Riondo Rum print ad (1945)

Some of the detail in this evocative image by 'Kapra' reminds me quite a bit of Mexican artist
Miguel Covarrubias, who was working during the same period.

Can anyone out there share any information with us about Kapra?

- Follow this link for another of Kapra's Riondo ad images, from 1946.


Anonymous said...

Can't help you with that artist, but here's a small slide show I made about Covarrubias:


Steve said...

I know quite a bit about my father-in-law Bill KAPRA.
The wooden sculpture of the bird in the ad is sitting in a prominent place in my living room. Check the utube video of other KAPRA ad art at ... idstevedvd

Patty K said...

Hi...Bill Kapra painted a portrait of my grandmother when she was a young girl in 1934. We may be distant cousins with the Kapra family... - Patty

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