Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Sing Along Without The Jaynetts - Instrumental Background To 'Sally, Go 'Round the Roses'" (1963)

The vocal A-side to this old 45 single reached #2 in the US record charts in 1963.

The origins of girl-group The Jaynetts goes back about ten years prior, with many changes in personnel (and the number of credited members) occurring during their recording history.

Present for the 'Sally' recording session were likely vocalists Johnnie Louise Richardson, Ethel Davis, Mary Sue Wells, Yvonne Bushnell, and Ada Ray.

A teenage Buddy Miles was the drummer.

Producer Abner Spector's odd arrangement for the song included some
proto-psyche flourishes that were unconventional for the era.

Those qualities combined with the 'jump-rope' rhymes of the lyrics to leave the song open for various interpretations, and the song has remained steeped in a curious mystique ever since.

Some of that mystique may or may not be evident on the 'gimmick' B-side instrumental version.

It's not quite a true instrumental, as you can hear some bleed-through of the vocal track in the background.
Sort of like some old
Lee 'Scratch' Perry dub remix...

I think the surface noise clinging to the slightly off-pitch grooves of this seasoned 45 only enhances the vibe, don't you?

Sure it does...

Listen to:
The Jaynetts - Sally Go 'Round the Roses (instrumental)
(Tuff Records 45, 1963)
(click for audio)


CGHill said...

This instrumental background showed up again on Tuff 374, a Jaynetts novelty called "Snowman, Snowman, Sweet Potato Nose." The organ riff is missing, but they've added a sleighbell and a Jew's harp. It is, to say the least, a trifle bizarre.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful treat! Thanks ever so much for something I'd never even imagined. One of my all-time favorite songs.


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