Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1954 Haddon Sundblom print ad: So - - Beer drinking is patriotic? Okay, sure...

I'm calling this post a reciprocal shout-out to Devil Dick at The Devil's Music, for his kind toast to this here blog in his posting for a 1958 Pabst Blue Ribbon promotional record - - another testimony to the duty of all good Americans to drink beer together.

"America's beverage of moderation"? If you say so...

The image above appeared in American magazines back in 1954.

The illustrator was Haddon Sundblom(1899 - 1976), who in addition to creating many similar advertisements, was also known for his image of the Quaker Oats quaker that's still being used today, 'Aunt Jemima', and that particular rendition of Santa Claus used for decades by Coca-Cola.

More Sundblom celebrations of Beer, wine, meat, soft drinks, tobacco and cheesecake can be seen at:

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- A post at Lines and Colors, addressing the question of creatorship for the conventional 20th century image of Santa Claus


Devil Dick said...

Ahhh, beer does belong! many cheers my friend! thanks! i think you nailed the pabst "promo" record thingy... i wonder if that ever made it out?

also, let me add that it just happened to work out beautifully that i was able to listen to your entire radio show as i sat helplessly glued to the computer on this fine tuesday afternoon.
Nice Freddy King version of Mr. Nix's Going Down!

Donna Lethal said...

Beer: making women stylish and glamorous in ads since 1949!

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