Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dr. Feelgood - tracks from 'Be Seeing You' (1977)

Through several personnel changes over a 35+ year history, British pub rock purveyors
Dr. Feelgood have continued to give the people what they want.

Their earliest efforts stand tall among the pioneers of Brit

This raucous '77 LP was produced by Nick Lowe, and was their first release following the departure of the quartet's original guitarist, WIlko Johnson, earlier that year.

Band line-up from '77 to '81:

Vocals, Harmonica -Lee Brilleaux
Drums, Vocals -The Big Figure
Guitar -John "Gypie" Mayo
Bass, Vocals -John B Sparks

From the 'Be Seeing You' LP
(UA Records, 1977),
Listen to Dr. Feelgood:

Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
I Thought I Had It Made
I Don't Wanna' Know
That's It, I Quit
My Buddy Buddy Friends
Baby Jane
The Blues Had A Baby,
And They Named It Rock 'n Roll (#2)

Looking Back
60 Minutes Of Your Love

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- - OR download all 10 tracks in one 24.9 Mb zipfile.

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- A somewhat grainy video clip from around the time of this LP, performing 'As Long As The Price Is Right' on Australian TV (with a brief post-performance interview, in which Lee Brilleaux shares a mike with Dolly Parton).


Anonymous said...

Thank you! One of my favorite LPs from way back!

- mike, chicago USA

Anonymous said...

Awesome - I have the vinyl but have been looking for a dig rip for ages.


Anonymous said...

Great LP from Dr.Feelgood!
Can you post their "Let It Roll" album, please?
this one was good too!

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