Saturday, February 9, 2008

'Modern' stylings for RCA clock radios (print ad, 1970)

Times have certainly changed - - That's what the times do best.

This ad is so perfect!
Touting stylish & modern design for clock radios with analog clocks...

... and *one* of the models shown even receives *FM*!! (click on image to ENLARGE ⬆)

"They're almost works of art."

Going back as far is possible, ads claiming modern designs and innovations will always look dated when viewed from a few years further down the road.
Regardless of the object, the technology, this would seem to be a pretty hard and fast rule.

This was driven home to me while watching a recent TV advertisement that shows a 'domino effect' of older audio technologies careening into one another, until finally 'falling short' of the product claiming to be the innovative apex of modernity.

Probably you've seen this ad - - ? It always gets a slightly peeved chuckle out of me.

Peeved, I suppose, because clearly I'm still thoroughly enjoying many of those obsolete audio technologies - -

- - and a chuckle, because as you and I both know too well, it will not take much time before we can look back on this TV ad and say 'Look how clunky, restrictive and ugly that antique looks!'

'Mp3 players?!? Satellite radio?!? Get out of the stone age, grandpa!'

The chain of dominoes never ends, and today's latest-coolest will be outmoded and collecting dust on thrift store shelves tomorrow.

- - And more than likely be cherished by small, rabid groups of kooky collector nerds.

(Daaang...! I wonder where I can get me one of those AM goblet radios with the bright blue face?
So pretty...)

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THXjay said...


Just found you through LT's place (Zip Your Rip)

Great blog you have here, love the old audio features, fascinating.

All the best

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