Friday, February 1, 2008

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 02/01/08

I suppose in the grand scheme it'll be no time before I'm complaining about the heat, but for now this was another week of feeling cold and tired of snow.

But there were bright spots...

1. Early this evening I took one of the dogs out for a trudge right after sunset.

Coming back towards home you could hear the distant honking of migrating geese, presumably headed back to Canada.

It's not uncommon to see passing flocks of geese here, but I looked up as I realized the sound was steadily increasing.

Presently I was treated to the sight of probably a couple thousand geese flying right overhead in multiple staggered 'V' formations. Wave after wave, and as I tried to gauge the width of the flock passing I kept seeing further 'V's way off to the horizon.

It was a special moment. Lots of honking, but in their numbers you could also hear the 'swish' of flapping goose wings become a thrum.

As they passed I turned and watched them disappear to the north, then heard more coming from the south as a second wave of maybe a further thousand flew by in looser formations. Stragglers, I suppose.

The whole event took perhaps 5 minutes or a little longer, but for me it was a little moment of magic in the day. It literally felt like change was in the air. My dog was unmoved.

Yeah, maybe geese aren't your thing either...?

2. ... Then how about Japanese horror comics creator Kazuo Umezu singing a Paul Anka tune on Japanese TV? ⬇ (Via Same Hat! Same Hat!)

3. Follow this link now to the wonderfully juicy and eclectic Flickr photo sets of El Estratografico!!!

Set the 'slideshow' mode and let the images wash over you...

(Via PCL LinkDump, via unterkayness)


The New Pop Music Sound for the 21st century is here at last, and it's only been percolating since 1955!

Head over to Glyph Jockey and have a listen to Trio Shmeed.

⬅ Siblings Werner, Willy and Claire from Hagglingen, Switzerland deliver yesterday's sound of tomorrow - - today!

⤹ 'Yodeling Dixieland' ROCKS!

5. Regarding his disarmingly illuminating, insightful and humorous 'Rock Band Logos' blog, David Cotner writes:
"On this blahg you will see many hundreds of rock band logos, heavy metal mascots, punk rock logos, classic rock icons, experimental / industrial music emblems, and others.
"By the time you're done, you'll never want to see another skull, cow, or peace sign ever again."

A perfect wall-eyed focus on graphic design and rock history.

(Via Coudal Partners)


K. R. Seward said...

The "thrum" of two thousand geese flying over sounds very cool.

I recently recorded & posted some rather distant geese and a single goose flyover, but no great multitude thrumming.

Thanks for the nice auditory impression (shared using far less bandwidth).

chaetoons said...

Thanks for sharing the geese. With 3& 1/2 feet of snow outside, it's quite wonderful to hear that the geese are heading north! Almost means the end of winter. Right?
Enjoyed the mental imagery of yodeling set to Dixieland Band tempo. Indeed, a splendid audio of the imagination!

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