Friday, February 22, 2008

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 02/22/08

Spring is coming. No really, it's out there, I betcha.

Won't be long...

Surely this dismal grey won't last much longer.
Anytime now...

Elsewhere this past week:

1. On Thursday, 2/21, the eBay auction ended for 'The World's Greatest Music Collection'.

"From Thomas Edison to American Idol, it's the complete history of the music that shaped five generations - - 3 Million Records, 300,000 Compact Discs" - -

- - And one collector selling off the contents of his 16,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse.

With only 6 bidders involved, the final bid came in at US$3,002,150...

... And all over the world, record collector geeks can breathe easier, secure in the knowledge that there's someone out there even more obsessive than they are.

- Follow link to read a 1/18/08 news story from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,
"Record collector selling 'history of music'".

2. 'We live in strange times!'
⬅ - - A photo gallery at MMOABC displaying odd practices and personages, mostly in and around Asia.

3. Speaking of mesmerizing galleries of
far-flung locales, there's Polar Inertia,
The journal of nomadic and popular culture

In each 'issue' there's a half-dozen or so photo journals on a given topic and/or place.

Check out 'Cuban Television Sets', or
'Hotel Emptiness', or (the previously blogged) 'Soviet Roadside Bus-stops', and you'll begin to get the idea.

Among the current features, 'The Academy' caught my eye. ➤

It catches some melancholy behind-the-scenes moments of the demolition of the historic old Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, as work proceeds to build the new facilities in place of the old.

Certainly the photos are meaningful to me, as I'd spent much time there over the course of my life, but I think even the uninitiated will feel the odd sense of limbo in a gutted museum once filled with several generations of activity.

4. Stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia’s 'Secret Public Journal'.

Birbiglia is a Reason To Be Cheerful his own self.
Even amidst plenty of the necessary business of self-promotion, his blog entries are consistently entertaining.

5. Found at Whatever: 'How to Make a Schadenfreude Pie'

"Joy at the misfortune of others -- and pie!
Truly, the best of all possible worlds."

6. By way of YouTube, from the same 'Homageneer' who brought us 'An Homage to Miguel Covarrubias' comes another tribute slideshow: 'An Homage to Sabu' ⬇

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