Tuesday, March 11, 2008

78s fRom HeLL: Sir Lancelot - Walking Around Hollywood b/w Roosevelt Is The Man (circa 1944)

By 1944, when this record was made,
Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard (1902 - 2001), a.k.a. Sir Lancelot had spent a few years performing in the United States helping to popularize Calypso music.

He'd also already made a few small appearances in Hollywood films, such as 1943's Val Lewton-produced 'I Walked with a Zombie'.

Pinard had moved to New York from his native Trinidad in 1939 to study medicine, but soon discovered an interest and aptitude for Calypso.
It was during a 1941 tour of the west coast that he gained the attention of movie makers.

Listen to:
Sir Lancelot and his Trinidad Serenaders -
Walking Around Hollywood

(Caribbean Records 78, circa 1944)

(click for audio)

Listen to:
Sir Lancelot and his Trinidad Serenaders -
Roosevelt Is The Man

(Caribbean Records 78, circa 1944)

(click for audio)

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Max "Bunny" Sparber said...

He's also in Curse of the Cat People in a much larger role. And he's great in it.

Donna Lethal said...

and Lewton's "Ghost Ship."

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