Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forgotten Advertising Mascots: CAMOAH, The Motor Power Thieves (1929 print ad)

Ever heard of these guys? Me neither...

(click on image below for a slightly larger view)

Seeming like they could possibly be the misanthropic relatives of the Keebler Elves, the 'CAMOAH' gang were out to steal power from your car.

They were employed as cautionary reminders by the Packard Electric Company, as affiliated with the Packard Motor Car Company.

As we learn in this 1929 ad, 'C.A.M.O.A.H.' was an acronym representing each member's detrimental persona;

Corona, Abrasion, Moisture, Oil, Age, and Heat.

The acronym use feels reminiscent of the word 'Shazam' in the Captain Marvel comics mythos, as it represents the names of the godly 'sponsors' who supplied his super powers. That bit of comics lore was first crafted in 1939.

(Okay, ahem - - If you'll allow the unabashed comic book geekery, these elves' evil attributes may have more similarities to the sponsors of the Marvel Family's nemesis, Ibac.)

Kellogg's benevolent Rice Krispies elves, Snap, Crackle and Pop, were first created in 1933.

◀ At left is a tiny image of another CAMOAH ad from 1929, ganked from elsewhere online.

Thus far, that's it for any other reference to CAMOAH that I've found.

What about you? Anything to share, anybody?

Does anyone have a copy of the old send-away booklet pictured above, "... In which the motor power thieves are tried for their crimes"?

Sounds like an entertaining read to me...

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Dan said...

Wonderful find! I linked to you and copied the ad, hope you don't mind.

Believe it or not, this 90-year old ad helped me diagnose the problem with my truck.

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