Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scars - Some cuts from their 'Author! Author!' LP (1981)

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Scars were a new wave band active as a unit from 1977 - 1982.

Live shows and a handful of 45's in the UK led to their one and only LP release in 1981.
A stressful summer of '82 tour in support of headlining band The Church hastened the group's break-up by the end of that year.

That one album they left behind is a winner; Evocative of the era, but standing out among many other acts. A fine blend of New Romantic charm and dark post-punk overtones.
As of 2007 the album had finally been issued to CD in the UK.

Robert King - vocals
Paul Research - guitars
John Mackie - bass
Steve McLaughlin - drums

From the Scars' LP
'Author! Author!'
(Pre Records, 1981),
Listen to:

Leave Me In Autumn
Fear Of The Dark
Everywhere I Go
Your Attention Please
All About You

(click for audio)

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Jonathan said...

Thanks for sharing these great Scars tunes, and check out their my space for some previously unreleased gems.


Anonymous said...

God, I loved this LP, and it's one of the things I regret about selling off my massive vinyl colection in the late 80s. Thanks for posting the songs - it was great to hear them again. I'd kill my mom with a dull axe for a good mp3 of their track "Horrorshow," from the Various Artists sampler Fast Product (or, for that matter, the beautifully bouncing snot-whine "Did you see me?" by The Mekons). I've always considered Scars one of the bands of the prolific 80s punk era that had potential to be one of the lasting greats - at least Robert King's songwriting left that impression...
Thanx again!!!

Flamen Dialis

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with these guys it's not even funny. My favorite thing about Scotland, bar none. And I know they've all gone on to cement vibrant lives outside the Scars legacy, but even now, I could never meet any of them IRL for fear I would completely humiliate myself in front of them. I adore their music so much it nearly drives me to tears, and I think they are so gifted and talented that I sometimes find it hard to believe they are human. Why they weren't able to become more famous and successful I just do not know.

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