Monday, March 3, 2008

Supersnazz - I Gotta Go Now b/w I Am A Cliché, with Alex Wald comic book (1996)

Japanese garage-punk girl-group Supersnazz formed their band in 1990 and first brought their raucous sound to the U.S. in 1992.

Their music on this 7-inch record is just a bit more 'polished' than some of their earlier releases.

The artwork on the single's cover and in the accompanying groovy 8-page comic book is by illustrator / designer Alex Wald,
a Chicago native responsible for lots of cool record covers, posters, comics work, and other essential ephemera.

That cover is something of an homage to DC Comics' memorable 1960's line of '80-Page Giants'
('go-go checks' and all). The interior takes cues from that era as well as incorporating several other timeless comic-book clichés.

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Listen to:
Supersnazz - I Gotta Go Now
Estrus Records 45, 1996
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- The B-side is a faithful cover of a classic
X-Ray Spex tune...

Listen to:
Supersnazz - I Am A Cliché
Estrus Records 45, 1996
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erik hogstrom said...

That is amazing! They rule!

brandy101 said...

OMG, I have a picture of me and Dave Crider of Estrus Records, circa 1994.

Somehow I don't recall Supersnazz, even though I was really into that garage-punk genre...I'll have to go through my old 'zines...

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