Saturday, April 5, 2008

78s fRom HeLL: Lawrence Welk Orchestra, featuring Rocky Rockwell - Good Morning, Mr. Zip, Zip, Zip (1953)

Speaking of Lawrence Welk, here's an old hunk of shellac with a sound much more typical of what we expect from his TV orchestra.

Rocky Rockwell was a trumpet player in the Welk band, and appeared as a regular on the TV show from 1950 to 1962, often providing vocals on novelty or light-hearted tunes.

The origins of 'Good Morning, Mr. Zip, Zip, Zip' are as a morale-raising popular song during World War I, written in 1918.

Over the years (and with slightly altered lyrics) it was familiar to many as a campfire song, or Boy Scouts hiking song.

Just like 'Camels', the 'Fatimas' lyric refers to a brand of cigarettes.

Listen to:
Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music, vocal by Rocky Rockwell -
Good Morning, Mr. Zip, Zip, Zip

(Coral Records 78, 1953)

(click for audio)

See also:
Follow the link to YouTube
for a grainy B&W video clip from the mid-'50's presenting Rocky on The Welk Show performing his signature tune with the band,
'I Love Girls'

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