Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mingo 2000 - Out Of Our Way (1994)

In the unlikely event that the subject of Mingo 2000 should come up in conversation, memories of this mid-'90's band would likely elicit comparisons.

'Like a west-coast version of
Combustible Edison, with maybe a dash of
Man Or Astro-Man', for instance.

From what I remember of what I could glean at the time, I'll guess they were a bay area band, or perhaps from a bit further south...? Or am I way off?

In what I recall as a casually understated manner, Mingo 2000 emerged right smack at the very beginning of the 'lounge revival' around 1994, did some touring, put out this snappy ten-inch record, and fairly quickly evaporated as the scene heated up. They may have been blind-sided by bigger bands with more calculated 'concepts'.

I saw them play once as the opening band for Combustible Edison at Bimbo's in San Francisco, and I think there was a bit of bemusement from the headliners when Mingo 2000 played a couple of tunes they'd planned on performing - - So, two versions of Nina Rota's 'Cadillac' that evening.
No problem, just like-minded spirits doing their thing.

I also have a fuzzy memory of sitting on a couch in the East Bay and watching Mingo 2000 perform in someone's living room around Halloween - - which was enchanting, but I was unfortunately pretty 'fuzzy' at the time...

From the
'Out Of Our Way' 10" LP
(Mable Label Records, 1994),
Listen to Mingo 2000:

Frankie Machine
Hawks and Sparrows
War of the Satellites / Let's Dance The Jet
(side one lead-out lock groove)
Beat Girl
Tesla's Menses

- - OR download all 9 tracks in one 21.7 Mb zipfile.


Anonymous said...

You are my hero!!! I had this 10 inch in college, loaned it out and never got it back. I've been searching ever since 1996 for this!
I LOVED this EP! Thank you VERY much!

buzz said...

This was a great little discover! Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Possibly "like-minded spirits doing their thing", but with a dash of sweet (serendipitous or otherwise) revenge maybe. Let me explain. Mingo 2000 were supposed to headline that show at Bimbo's. Apparently someone(maybe Liz Cox?)had a bit of a fit, claiming, amongst other things, that THEY (Com. Ed.) should be headlining because they were on major label. I don't know how "major" Sub Pop was back then, but that's beside the point. Nevermind that Mingo 2000 had their OWN label at the time (Mable Label Record).

Anonymous said...

Of course it could have just all been a misunderstanding.

Clinton Orman said...

I played guitar in this band from 95-98 or so. Yes, they were a San Francisco band w. one member residing in Oakland. They consisted of former members of Thinking Fellers Local 282, Caroliner Rainbow, and Fuckbubble. I joined after this 10" was put out. There are two more records, 12", "Portal of Grandeur" and "Busted in Reno," a sequel of sorts to this one. Also there is a 7" from the old lineup as well. I think we were a lot different from Combustible Edison and the like as we would cover weird Bollywood soundtracks, Davie Allen and the Arrows, and the odd Beatles or Stones cover along with the ginchy martini stuff, Mancini and so on. We were like a more sloppy, skronky ol' punk party band. Well, congratulations... I think you are the only mention on the whole internets of this band! Someone was selling one of the 12"s online and investigating I saw it was the same one I gave to a guy that worked at a record store who put it in the window of the store. Must have stayed in that window for years until someone or other decided to put it on eBay.

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