Friday, April 25, 2008

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 04/25/08

1. First to business, with several blog updates to report:

◀ - Rather than featuring extinct links that lead to dead ends, the old post regarding illustrator Robert McGinnis has been amended, and currently directs readers to vibrant sites showing fine examples of his work.

- 'Ask the man who drives one'... ▼
The post concerning unanswered questions about
Peter Sellers and his mechanical elephant now includes some information shared by a previous owner of just such an animal...

- New additions to the
Michael J. Pollard Shrine add several more images from various points in the actor's career. ▶
- By request, the flip side ▲ to
Polly Possum and Joe Wolverton's 'Sin in Satin' 78
has been added for your listening pleasure.

On to other important items that have surfaced recently - -

2. Two choices: Are you ready to show your support for 'The McLovin' Fund'?
- - Or are you ready to make your own Judd Apatow movie? (both via IMDb)

Speaking of which, I thoroughly loved 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', and am SO looking forward to 'Pineapple Express' - - Basically, I've been an easy mark for all of the Apatow Posse since
'Freaks & Geeks' was on the air getting great reviews and bad ratings.

- - And so it's very cheering indeed to read of Jason Segel talking about putting together a new Muppet movie.

A delightfully unlikely pairing, and I never thought I'd be happily anticipating a new Muppet anything...

3. Cartoonist Dan Piraro's own BizarroBlog now features his daily 'Bizarro' newspaper strip in full color and annotated by Mr. P hisself. (Via Drawn!)

Great news for us folk who can no longer stomach picking up a newspaper.

4. A bit of welcome news on the Herbie Popnecker front:

Due for release later this year is the Herbie Archive Volume 1 hardcover edition, to be published by Dark Horse Comics.

As originally published by ACG, it's the classic and strange 1960's 'unlikeliest super-hero' comics from writer Shane O'Shea and artist Ogden Whitney.
224 pages in full color, collecting the character's earliest appearances.

It'll mean Herbie being available to the masses again, not merely the intrepid collectors!

5. I tend to be a sucker for any story about another skirmish with the FCC's policies toward the utterance of expletives on radio.

The Radio Business Report recently ran a piece:
'President Clinton goes blue on noncom radio'.
It's an interesting little story, bringing up possible problems with rigid rulings and blanket penalties.

(Thanks to Marshall Stax)

6. Below: ▼ The li'l Japanese gal rocks the Kansas at her recital!
(YouTube link via Coudal Partners.)

I sent that video link around to some friends a few days ago.
If she's taking requests for future performances, Johnny Savage would like to hear
'Bohemian Rhapsody', Stairway - - of course, and 'Devil Went Down To Georgia'.

Joe Sixpack requests side two of the 'Abbey Road' album.

Myself, I'm thinking The Band's 'Chest Fever', and Deep Purple's 'Highway Star'.
- - Okay, and maybe Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstein'...

- - But wait! There's more.

In response to that video above, my old friend Rosie Palm (a.k.a. Lady J) has countered with another YouTube link to a different Japanese take on American Top 40 - - Do please check it out!

Follow link to: We Aren't The World. At All.

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