Friday, April 25, 2008

Skeets McDonald - Goin' Steady With The Blues (1958)

Country and Rockabilly artist Skeets McDonald (1915 - 1968) was one of the 'founding fathers' whose music helped bridge the gap from Country music to Rock & Roll.

Beginning in the mid-1930's he'd performed in and around Detroit, Michigan, and on local radio up until 1943, when he was drafted into service during WWII.

In 1951 he moved to Los Angeles and made radio and TV appearances on Cliffie Stone's 'Hometown Jamboree', which soon led to his recording contract with Capitol Records and his 1952 hit, 'Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes'.

From the
'Goin' Steady With The Blues ' LP
(Capitol Records, 1958 /
EMI-Pathé Marconi import reissue, 1981),
Listen to Skeets McDonald:

Goin' Steady With The Blues
Gone and Left Me Blues
Yard and a Half of Blues
You're There
Hawaiian Sea Breeze
Tomorrow Never Comes
Blues In My Mind
My Room Is Crowded
I'll Sail My Ship Alone
Lost Highway
I'm Sorry Now
Fort Worth Jail

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- - OR download all 12 tracks in one 27.4 Mb zipfile.

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Anonymous said...

Dear friend
This was one of the first lps I bought. It hangs in on my memory like the clothes I wear. Being able to play the thing again is like me being back there in those far off misty ether days of once upon a time. SO thanks beyond thanks for this.

Sheila said...

'Fort Worth Jail' is a classic.

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