Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Turtles - Can't You Hear The Cows (1968)

"Each and every day,
"Eatin' all that hay
"Moo, Baby
"Moo, Baby"

In the photo, ▶
from left to right:
Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman,
Al Nichol, Jim Pons, John Seiter

Here's the curious and playful
B-side to the 45 single 'The Story of Rock and Roll', recorded by
The Turtles in '68.

This was during something of a lull period, when the group was feeling pressure from the management and the record label for another chart hit like 'You Baby' or 'Happy Together'.

The singles that followed this one were 'Elenore' (written as something of a joke later that year) and 'You Showed Me' (from the 1969 'Battle Of The Bands' LP) - - both of which put The Turtles back in the charts, for at least one more ride before the band crumbled at the beginning of the '70's.

Listen to:
The Turtles -
Can't You Hear The Cows

White Whale Records 45, 1968
(click for audio)

The story of the 'regular guys' who met in a junior high school acapella choir and would become
The Turtles is a fascinating one, set against the backdrop of the changing era of the sixties, its music industry and popular culture.

I can certainly recommend their DVD, 'The Turtles: Happy Together' as a good view.
The surprisingly frank interviews with Kaylan and Volman are fun.

There's a clip from the disc available at YouTube where they discuss The Turtles' history of poor management and lawsuits.

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Robert said...

I feel like the the story of the Turtles - or at least Volman and Kaylan- is a great documentary waiting to be made. Nixon! Zappa! Bolan! Springsteen! Ray Davies! They've been everywhere and done everything. Having seen them perform during their days with the Mothers and as Flo and Eddie, I suspect they're one of the best-kept secrets in pop-culture history...

thefloods said...

I have been searching for this recording for 10 years! I found an old 45 in my moms records my freshman year of high school (1994). I recorded this on cassette tape. It was a college favorite. We'd ride around the college dorms blasting this through my car stereo. Mom's records were stolen, and I lost the tape to a flood. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. I've already emailed this to my best friend from college!

Anonymous said...

A song that always makes me smile.

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