Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Vinyl Gallery: recent acquisitions

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I mentioned here the other day that I'd recently enjoyed indulging in some record hunting with some collector friends.

(The eternal struggle of nerd versus vinyl)

Here are images of a few of those bagged, plus a few other recent finds...

Click here to see the back cover liner notes to the 'Mike Hammer' soundtrack LP ▼ in a new window.

◀ Always nice to find one or two more of the classical music covers by designer Alex Steinweiss, the inventor of the very concept of album cover art.

My personal discovery of Steinweiss occured years ago while volunteering with the Friends of the Library for their fundraiser book sales back in my home town.

As new stock came in, periodically I'd need to haul some donated records off to Goodwill when they'd languished too long without selling.

No surprise, many people were not interested in old and worn fifties-era pressings of classical recordings.
- - But the bold graphic style of so many of those covers (by Steinweiss and his imitators) held a definite appeal to me, and thus began another collection.

Remind me to remind myself to post a gallery of just that stuff some time... (4.14.08) Done!

- Follow link to an Alex Steinweiss gallery site

◀ So, case in point; the 'Pathetique' cover is by 'Bainbridge', not Steinweiss.

Still a nice design, though, and I love the 'hanging tears'.

Speaking of bold and innovative album art pioneers, the
Jimmie Driftwood cover art ▼ is by Jim Flora.

▲ I've grown fond of those little 'genre classifications' that RCA used to incorporate into their cover logos.

See also that 'Mike Hammer' cover back towards the top of the post...

◀ I reckon that the Astronauts cover serves as a small historical window to the past for those familiar with Boulder, Colorado, and how much it's grown over the years.

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▲ Even prior to his half-century in show business, comedian George Carlin could count
'making goofy faces' as being among his talents.

Carlin's first solo comedy record 'Take-Offs and Put-Ons' was initially released in 1967.
Though I've seen this original cover a few times since, the copy of the LP that I still have from 'back in the day' is the '70's re-issue (with entirely different cover art) that came after his successful change to a more 'counter-culture' persona.

I LOVE this cover. ▼
It's a perfect piece of LP design, and it captures such wonderfully thrown looks from a younger Carlin in a different era.
PLEASE click on the cover to see it ENLARGED to ridiculous proportions in a new window! ▼

Click here to see the back cover liner notes to Rozelle Gayle's
'Sex Cracks' LP, (plus a list of other Dooto comedy releases) in a new window.

◀ Does anyone remember the 1977 episode of SNL hosted by Ray Charles? Specifically,
'The Young Caucasians' sketch?
Belushi, Radner, Murray, etc. as a youthful whitebread vocal group, performing 'What'd I Say' for Charles?

As I recall, at one point they do their 'album cover' formation, and it came awfully close to looking like this Merry Macs image...

◀A completely typical
Arthur Lyman LP cover image, but perhaps the most incongruous pairing of title to photo - - ?

Click here to see the back cover liner notes to Arnie & Chise's 'Rotsa Ruck' LP ▼ in a new window.

◀ Long-time New Yorker cartoonist Mischa Richter provided the artwork for the 'People Who Hate Classical Music' cover.

More Richter info and examples of his work can be found here and also here.

Click here for information about Fred Lowery, the 'king of whistlers', at Space Age Pop.Com

- Follow this link to a You Tube clip from 1939, featuring Lowery performing 'Nola' with the
Victor Lopez Orch. (with a brief dancing interlude by
Betty Hutton)

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Timmy said...

Wow, NICE LP covers...
Is there anyway to geta link for the audio of the "Rotsa Ruck" Album?
Thanx again.

The In Crowd said...

Hey Timmy - -

All things are possible, given time. Let's see what happens, or ask me again down the line.

How's that for vague?

thombeau said...

These are great! Very Fabulon-worthy, if I dare say so.

Oddly enough, my dad, who has thousands of lps, probably has every one of these!

The In Crowd said...

Thom - -

a) To clarify; I am not your father.

b) Perhaps now we know the true origins of your hipness.


Anonymous said...

I covet many of these records, some for the covers (the jim flora especially), some for the music (the astronauts, the two private eye records at the top). Oddly enough, though i have probably 5,000+ records in my collection, i don't have a single one pictured here. I love those RCA genre classifications too. I've been meaning to blog about them for awhile. guess i should just do it already.

The In Crowd said...

Hey, Mr. Trophy - -

A theory I've formulated over years of collecting:

It makes no difference how huge your collection is, or how small the other guy's is.

The other guy will ALWAYS have stuff that you don't, and that you covet.

The other guy could have ten records in his collection, and not be very interested in music, but - -

- 3 of his records will be common items that everyone knows about or owns.

- 3 will be either uncommonly cool, or by a band that you've routinely dismissed or overlooked. The owner will know all about the artist and the music, but have no clue about the 'coolness factor'.

- 3 of his records will be amazing, long-sought items that you desperately want.

- - and 1 record will be a true oddity, some bizarre album that you've never ever seen or heard of in all your years of collecting records.

It's a theory, but it's held up many times in my experience...

Devil Dick said...

a most excellent collection!

i need to get back to posting more "covers" in my lil' blog world...


Devil Dick said...

how do you get such clear shot of the covers? even without a flash i get a glare.... crappy camera...

The In Crowd said...

Hey Dick - -

My only trick is to shoot photos outdoors, without a flash, preferably in light shadow or on a bright but overcast day. No direct sunlight.

- - And then I do a little fine tuning with iPhoto after the fact.

erik hogstrom said...

Wow! Great covers! I especially love the Stiller and Meara cover. Thanks!

Chris Ereneta said...

Found you via Monoscope. Outstanding work. Subscribed!

n69n said...

oobie doobie, i wanna hear that STILLER & MEARA!

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