Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sunday afternoon pilgrimage to Kimono My House

Located in Emeryville, California, for over 20 years, Kimono My House is a very special store specializing in Anime & Sci-Fi Toys.

Though I am someone intrigued by the vast world of Japanese animation and fantasy culture, I remain largely ignorant of many of the details of that world.

- - And so for me, a trip to Kimono My House is like going to an odd museum full of fascinating and cryptic curiosities.

It had been a good long while since I last visited.
Mid-'90's, maybe?

The intrigue begins as you climb a couple of flights of stairs until you emerge outside onto the roof of the nondescript warehouse building where you'll find the store perched.

The sensory overload begins as you enter the door.

Speaking personally, my lack of knowledge regarding most of the items within only serves to enhance the experience.

If I understood all of what I was seeing would it hold the same wonder?

An Ultraman soap dish and Ultraman bathroom air freshener, a glimpse of McDonald's employee dolls and the mysterious 'Boyfriend Tom', a truly spooky and incongruous
George Burns, a shelf load of Gameras, and SO much more.

What does it all mean?

And finally, after much searching and wonderment, a few small choice bits of swag that needed to come home with me.

Essential items, all. ▼


Krista said...

I love your blog!

I just wqnted to say, I reallly want that George Burns doll, despite its slight weirdness factor which actually makes it that much more endearing to me.

brandy101 said...

I only recognize one item, in the pic with the large metallic sculptures, I believe is an Ultraman - I used to love that show when I was about 4 years old...

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