Monday, June 23, 2008

Lainie Kazan - selections from 'Right Now!' (1966)

A previous post here about actress & singer Lainie Kazan continues to get a fair amount of attention - - some of it no doubt generated by her recent supporting role in another
Adam Sandler film
, but certainly also due to ongoing interest and curiosity about this talented and singular entertainer.

- - and then there are those who are still just now 'discovering' her.

Time for a follow-up post; Here are tracks from another classic mid-1960's Kazan album!

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From Lainie Kazan's
'Right Now!' LP,
(MGM Records, 1966), Listen to:

Blues In The Night
Blue Skies
Joey, Joey, Joey
House of Flowers
Black, Black, Black
My Man's Gone Now
I Cried For You
Feeling Good
Don't Like Goodbyes
I'm Shooting High

(click for audio)

- - OR download all 10 tracks in one 27.1 Mb zipfile.

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- Follow link for a '60's TV solo performance clip of 'What Now My Love?'

▼ Below, a video clip of a typically casual performance from one of Lainie's 26 TV appearances on
'The Dean Martin Show'.


Lex10 said...

You forgot the Playboy shoot! Rrrow!

The In Crowd said...

Dear Lex (and others) - -

I didn't forget the 1970 Playboy shoot, and I mentioned it in my first Lainie post.

Don't go telling me I didn't forget the Playboy shoot, 'cuz I didn't.

Okay - - truth is: I've never ever seen that Playboy Pictorial. It's still on the 'to do' list.

I've heard tell of it for years. Never seen it. I'm usually a bit sheepish about admitting it.

You, anybody: please feel free to point me in the right direction or send along something you can share that will clear up this glaring omission in my life experience.


Ravel said...

What a voice! Love her! Thanx!
What a Blog! Love it! Thanx!

Donna Lethal said...

Fantastic! We were just discussing albums with titles like "NOW!" (Liberace NOW!) and "Right Now!"

I've seen the fantastic Miss K here in LA twice - once at Musso's and another getting a pedicure next to me! I was too dumbfounded to say anything, though I really wanted to blurt out, "Welcome to my humble chapeau."

The In Crowd said...

Many thanks to an anonymous commenter;

"I think these might be the photographs for which you are looking."


If these are not actually shots from that Playboy pictorial, they'll certainly do for now...

Rick said...

Love Lainie, Love this blog, Its Great! How come only ten songs from Right Now! what happened to Danny boy and No More Songs for Me? More of the MGM albums would be nice too!

Doug said...

I believe I first saw Lainie Kazan on the old Merv Griffin Show.Merv was still in black & white and Arthur Treacher was his surly sidekick.Lainie,I believe,had replaced Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl.She definitely sounded like Barbra but was 'much' better looking.And the Playboy spread was a big deal!Thanks for the vinyl rips of the abridged versions of the Lainie Kazan albums.Definitely need a remastered CD/Digital release of these albums.Cheers.

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