Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lene Lovich - Lucky Number (Slavic Dance Version) (1979)

What a look, and what a hook; It's Lene Lovich with her perfect first hit single.

This 'extended dance mix' version loops around an extra lap or two, with just a bit of extra fairy dust thrown in to bring it in at just under two minutes longer than the original.

To most ears, the only quality that makes it 'Slavic' is Lovich's heritage on her father's side.

Born in Detroit, she was 13 when her Mom brought her back to her native England (minus Dad) in the mid-sixties.

Before long, Lene had met her partner and musical collaborator Les Chappell, and in 1968 they traveled to London to attend art school.

A staggering array of musical and artistic pursuits and exotic semi-professional avocations were to follow between then and 1978, when she found herself among the forefront of women punk & new wave artists, and on a concert tour with a bevy of fellow performers from the Stiff record label as her first hit single and accompanying LP climbed the charts.

Listen to:
Lene Lovich -
Lucky Number (Slavic Dance Version)

(Stiff/Epic 45, 1979)
(click for audio)

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- Follow link to the 'Lucky Number' promo music video, and look below ▼ for
Lene lip-synching on the U.K.'s
'Top of The Pops' in 1981 to 'New Toy', a great follow-up hit single.
You can catch a glimpse or two of keyboardist Thomas ('She Blinded Me With Science') Dolby in the background.
He wrote the tune while a member of Lovich's touring band, or so legend has it...

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