Monday, August 18, 2008

'Chubbettes' and other Back-To-School clothing ads, 1957

Below, a smattering of advertisements that ran in The Saturday Evening Post just about exactly 51 years ago...

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Anonymous said...

Love old magazine ads! They convey so much. More history and zeitgeist than you can shake a stick at all in one glossy page. Excellent.

Donna Lethal said...

As if adding the "-ette" will make your poor chubby girl feel better! I have an old ad somewhere I have to scan for "Fat Girls' Diets."

masto said...

This post is all kinds of awesome!

"So Cindy what are you wearing for the first day of school?" Cindy slowly croaks "my Chubbettes dreeeesssss." balls her fists into her eyes and runs off.

The wool one kills too. "nothing measures up to wool" is not what jumps into my head living in Phoenix in September. Unless it's "nothing measures up to wool" for absorbing 3 times your body weight in the fluids you will use wearing that.

Keep it up.

El said...

Chubbettes?? Such an undignified marketing method for the insecure and festively plump!

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