Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dorene Publishing Occult Book Ads, circa mid-1940's

The images of vintage book ads below ▼ come to us courtesy of Rev. E. M. Camarena, who previously shared with us the Orchids of Hawaii Bartenders' Guide.

Thanks for your generosity, Rev!

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Clearly, this post stands best as a companion piece to the vintage King Novelty Curio Catalog, posted on this blog last May. (Click to follow link)

In addition to other subject matter, Dorene Publishing printed many books on the Occult - - The sort that would show up in curio catalogs.

'Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed' was originally released in 1946 by Raymond Publishing, and was written by 'Henri Gamache' a pseudonym for an otherwise unknown author of many books on the occult.

Lewis De Claremont may have been just another pen name for the same author.

'The Ancient's Book of Magic' was written by De Claremont, as was 'The Ten Lost Books of The Prophets', which is still in print.

Annotated text from De Claremont's 'The Ancient Book of Formulas' can be viewed in the 'Hoodoo in Theory and Practice' section of
Cat Yronwode's amazing and informative Lucky Mojo website.


Ed Augusts said...

Very interesting about Lewis de Claremont. The original pink Dorene edition that I have was dated 1936. There is good "magic" here, so I published annotated facsimiles in green and salmon in 1997 when I co-owned Mystic Books in California. Because I didn't believe it necessary to purchase ISBN numbers (for close to $100 each) for my softcover books, my edition is hard to find on-line. --E.A.

Sherry Culbertson said...

Are you kidding? Do you actually believe this G--- e?

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