Monday, September 1, 2008

In Crowd of the month: The T-Bones (1966)

Not to be confused with a British rock group from the same era, the American 'T-Bones' group began in the early 1960's as a fairly loose affiliation of
Los Angeles-based studio session musicians, known primarily for surf instrumentals.

Guitarists Judd Hamilton and brother Dan Hamilton, bass player Joe Frank Carollo,
Tommy Reynolds, and drummer Gene Pello solidified as a performing group after the
T-Bones single 'No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)' (based on a melody from an
Alka Seltzer TV commercial and recorded by a slightly different line-up) became a hit in 1965.

The band performed live together and released several more 45s and a few LPs over the next couple of years, but when their radio airplay and hit singles began to dry up, they disbanded in 1967 following a concert tour of Japan.

By the end of 1970 however, the old band had morphed into the new group Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds ▼ and were all over American Top 40 radio airwaves the following summer with their hit 'Don't Pull Your Love'.

From the LP
'Shapin' Things Up'
(Sunset/Liberty Records, 1966),
listen to:

The T-Bones - The "In" Crowd
(click for audio)

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Devorah Dumes said...

The T-Bones also had a regional his in SoCal with "That's Where It's At", a horn-section-based instrumental that was quickly picked up as the jingle for top-40 radio station KRLA (then at 1110 in Pasadena). Copies of the single quickly disappeared and the song has never been anthologized (to my knowledge) on any of their LPs or collections.

Kliph Nesteroff said...

The T Bones are also in the public domain exploitation picture Nightmare in Wax:

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