Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Clutch Cargo Comix

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In the early 1960's,
Clutch Cargo cartoons held all the promise that
Jonny Quest pretty much managed to deliver a few years later.

Kids that I knew either reviled it or reveled in it,
(I waffled) but it was too bizarre to ignore.

This comic strip ran originally in the February, 1961 issue of Jack & Jill magazine.

The artwork here by Clutch's creator, cartoonist/animator
Clark Haas may be closer to full-process animation than what we saw in the TV series.

- - AND you don't have the distraction of the
'Syncro-Vox' (a.k.a. the unsettling 'real-lips-on-cartoon-faces' gimmick)
to contend with...

So: Enjoy visiting with Clutch, Spinner, Paddlefoot, and Prof.'s Stargazer and Knockwurst on their gripping lunar adventure!

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ADDENDUM, 6/20/08: In a similar 'Synchrovox' vein, here's a link to another 6-page Jack and Jill strip from April 1963. The great Alex Toth gives a similar treatment to the characters he designed for the 'Space Angel' show. (Via Socktopi)

ADDENDUM, 1/30/09: Cartoon Brew has posted scans of a nifty 1960 TV Guide article about the production of Clutch Cargo.
(follow link)

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