Friday, April 6, 2007

(gasp!) Here come The Double Deckers!

I *knew* I hadn't made this up...!

I've had a lingering memory of this TV show from when I was a kid.

I think it might have been my absolute favorite thing about Saturday morning for a couple of weeks back then.

I'm sure at the time it tapped in to all my burgeoning Anglophile leanings.

How could it not?

The show ran for one season, airing in the US in 1970. For an astonishing trove of info on this show, please be sure to visit the 'Here Come The Double Deckers' Official Fanclub Website!!

Update, 3.26.09: Click here to watch an entire episode at Veoh!

Further Update, 5.29.10: Ooooh! A dozen or more episodes, now on YouTube! Click here for more Double Deckers at Dr. Markway's Channel!


Anonymous said...

Yes I remember this! I also remember Monkees reruns on the same network that season on Saturday mornings.

Kelly & Christian said...

I dated Melvyn Hayes' niece for about a year in the 80s. Lovely girl - lovely guy!

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