Sunday, April 15, 2007

(link:) 1969 Corgi Toys Catalogue

The memories come flooding back; The fetish objects of my youth.

Funny, since I 'grew up', I've never been particularly interested in fancy cars. Too much hassle, and ultimately it's just a car.
A tool, like a hammer.

(Besides, clearly I have plenty of fetish objects)

But still, just like as a kid, I'll drool over those old Corgis. I remember the big display case at the toy store, yep, sure, my breath steaming up the glass...

The images come courtesy of the Corgi & Dinky Toy page, an adjunct to the blog, The Cartoonist. Be sure to check it out as well. There's lots to see...

...BUT FOR NOW, go check out that Corgi Toys 1969 Catalogue! (click on link)

So cool! I had that one, an' that one... Oooh, I remember that one...!

- - and at the bottom of the page you can navigate to other Corgi & Dinky catalogues from a few other years.

Yeah, I remember the Dinky cars, too. I don't think I had any. As a kid, they seemed more elegant, too exotic. Perhaps a bit staid? Matchbox cars were beautiful and sturdy, but a little sedate.

Hot Wheels were groovy, and as sexy as anyone could want, but for me they didn't offer the play that a good Corgi did. Too small. No opening doors & stuff. No rubbery tires you could remove. No James Bond car, no Monkeemobile. Corgi's had a good weight, too. A nice heft to them. Solid.

It'd be easy enough to start examining the reasons behind wanting to hang onto the things of our past, why those things give us comfort, how we make time for our obsessions... but not now. Not here...

Oh! There's that Benz - - the one where the only features were passenger windows that lowered, and working windshield wipers. How exciting was that? Whoa! Look, it's the orange bubble car!!!

I still have just a very few of my old Corgis. Most of them are showing their age, as am I...

Man, I Ioved that souped-up Mustang. Whatever happened to it?

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Dr. Monkey said...

Loved those cars when I was a kid.

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