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(link:) Don Martin...Science Fiction Artist!?!

ADDENDUM, 8/16/07: I've just re-posted this piece in an updated and expanded version. (click to link)

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Don Martin's artwork first began appearing in the pages of MAD magazine in 1956.
By 1964, his cartooning style had settled into the familiar look most of us remember oh-so well.

But his earlier work had a slightly harder, more angular look to it. It's a style that shows up in his earliest MAD pages, and was also found in the jazz LP covers he produced in the 1950's (see three of them below). I've long sought out more examples of that earlier style, with little luck.

Recently I was overjoyed to stumble upon images of Don Martin's late 1950's work for classic science-fiction magazines like Galaxy - - a facet of his career I hadn't known existed.

PLEASE direct your attention to Datajunkie's blog to check out his super-cool post!

Don Martin...Science Fiction Artist!?!(click to link)

What a trove !! More! More!

Y'know, if you poke around the web, you'll find just a bit of info about Don Martin's years with MAD and a few examples of that art, but not much else. It's a shame, sez I.

Does anyone know - - Have there been any retrospectives of Martin's artwork?

Isn't it about time for a nice career-spanning coffee-table book?
Am I alone in my nerdly ranting??

Wouldn't you like to see more of the 'unseen' Don Martin...?

If you can point me to more examples of the type of stuff I'm describing (Pre-, Post-, other than- MAD) or more info as to what exists - - Golly gosh, but I'd sure appreciate it.
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