Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Willie Mays, Advertising Icon

Here's Willie Mays, as featured in three print ads that ran in Ebony magazine in the mid-1960's.

- - And here's Willie again in a public service announcement TV spot, also from the sixties. (click link for video clip)

ADDENDUM 10/31/07: Not an advertisement, but rather a photo op that ran in the September 8th, 1954 issue of Downbeat Magazine. ⬇ (click on image to ENLARGE)

The Giants were still in New York, and it was Willie's breakout year as a ball player.

He recorded his vocal interjections on "Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)" with The Treniers in
New York City on July 15, 1954, four days after having made an appearance as the 'mystery guest' on TV's 'What's My Line?'.

Quincy Jones was the musical director on the recording session, and the single was released on the Epic/Okeh label on July 26th.

I appreciate in the photo that unlike stage actress Janis Paige, Willie knows to handle the disc by its edges!

(You can listen to the song over at Baseball Recordings.Com)

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Craig D said...

Frank's Louisiana Red Hot Sauce and ALAGA SYRUP?!?!?!?

Say hey, Willie! Make up your mind!

Also, I didn't know Willie played for the "socks!"

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