Saturday, May 12, 2007

Old Oak Casablanca Steel Orchestra - Puppet On A String (+ some classical favorites)

My previous steel pan post was received well, and I'm only too happy to share some more...

In 1966, one of Trinidad's longest running steel bands opened their own performance venue, the Old Oak Casablanca Theatre. For info on the band's history, click here.

This LP was apparently recorded within just a couple years of the theatre's opening. In addition to some fairly standard steel pan fare, it contained some great arrangements of a few classical melodies, and an instrumental cover of a too-catchy tune that was then currently circling the globe.

For much more background on the song 'Puppet On A String', and more internationally recorded versions of it than you'd ever have guessed you really did need to hear, you MUST check out the always fascinating Eurocovers blog, and their 'Year of The Puppet' project.

For more info and news about the steel pan, The Pan Page or Pan Jumbie are perfect places to start...

From their LP 'After All These Years' (circa 196_?),
listen to these tracks by The Old Oak Casablanca Steel Orchestra:

- Puppet On A String
- Hallelujah Chorus
- Die Fledermaus
- Swan Lake

(click links for audio)

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